Have You Over Exfoliated Your Skin?

Have You Over Exfoliated Your Skin?

Exfoliation is one of the inevitable beauty routines to rejuvenate your skin with a fresh and new look. Exfoliation helps to remove dead skin cells from the surface, offering a vitalising change to your body. You can get these benefits of exfoliation not only on your face, but also on any part of your body.

Most of the beauty treatments such as facial, manicure, pedicure or body polishing include this step as an important part of it. But, it is a well-known fact that overdoing it will not be good, no matter what it is. This is applicable in the case of exfoliation as well.

If you have any misconception that overdoing exfoliation will help you get a more youthful skin, it’s time for you to change the concept. Over exfoliated skin will only contribute to skin problems. Most of the time, wrong exfoliation techniques act as the culprit.

Knowing how to identify whether you have an over exfoliated skin is very important. Here we may see some of the common warning signs that indicate an over exfoliated skin.


Redness: When the skin is exfoliated more frequently or harshly, redness is the most common sign that is first noticed. Your skin will be having new cells on the surface and this will increase the sensitivity of the skin. Use exfoliates with tiny granules and prefer a soft sponge for the process, instead of brushes.

Sun burns: After normal exfoliation also, it is highly recommended to stay away from direct sunlight at least for the first 24 hours. An over exfoliated skin will be more sensitive to sunlight and if you notice serious sunburn than never before, count it as a sign of over exfoliation.

Tightness: Skin tightness is another notable indicator of an over exfoliated skin. This depends on many factors like the exfoliation techniques, product used and the frequency of exfoliation. Skin will have a stinging sensation after an over exfoliation. This is more common on the face than on the body.

Excessive dryness: One of the most common findings that makes most of the women alert about an over exfoliated skin is excessive dry skin. This may be associated with itching and dry flaking as well. Extra care should be given to keep the moisture of your skin while performing an exfoliation.

Burning sensation: If you use wrong exfoliation techniques or products with coarse abrasives on daily basis, this will result in persisting burning sensation and redness. Always remember to select exfoliation creams with fine granules if you are not among those women who do exfoliation once in a while.

Do exfoliation, but keep extra care in selecting the right product, right techniques and most importantly, right frequency.

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